Sigura Professional Painting

In addition to our other construction divisions, Sigura Construction offers a full-service, in-house painting division. Our wide range of capabilities provide our clients with a plethora of choices for their interior and exterior painting needs. Our tools and software enable us to change existing colors in print, and on screen, thereby allowing clients to view a desired end result in advance. We utilize the latest equipment in our projects, providing quick turnaround times and high quality work.

Our in-house color consultation focuses on color recommendations for different environments and surfaces, as well as on finding the right colors to compliment one another.

Sigura Construction offers competitive pricing, and with our years of painting experience, we have mastered the art of professionalism and are able to provide our clients with nothing but the highest degree of quality.

For more information about our Pro Painting division, please visit our Pro Painting website.

Green Painting

As part of our Green Building solutions, we make available 0-VOC paint to clients who specially request this type of paint. What are VOCs? In short, VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds that are released into the environment everyday. Greenhouse gasses are made up of VOCs, but beyond that nearly every item in our home releases these toxins into the air we breath. 0-VOC paint eliminates the presence of these compounds. It goes without saying that this type of paint is more costly, however, may provide a greener solution for some.